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Banana Bread recipe

Delicious Banana bread is always a favorite of mine, Its easy and wonderful  recipe always. you can also make this recipe easily by some element. See the elements and use it to make this banana bread recipe.

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i) Sugar 1/4 cup
ii) butter o 1/2 cup or margarine 1/2 cup
iii) 2 eggs
iv) 1 teaspoon baking soda
v) 1 teaspoon salt
vi) 1 cup chopped nuts
vii) 1 and 1/2 cups pulp very prepared bananas
viii)  butter milk 1/2 cup
ix) Only 1 tea spoon vanilla
x)  Two and half cups of Gold Medal all,task flour


 Mix the fix amount of sugar with butter into a big bowl and also blending banana then mix the butter milk and vanilla until smooth with sweltering soda and salt. Keep the mixer in the middle side of your oven and heat oven up by 350° Fahrenheit , heat until it getting brown color or perfectly done. Then remove the banana bread from oven and put it on a cool place or you can put it on a plate or dish. Then cut and serve for you and your family, enjoy your delicious banana bread.


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