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Chinese Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

There is one chicken item which is famous around the world and it's the Chinese chicken fried rice. Not only me you will also love this chicken fried for its delicious taste , people are loving this too for the same reason. 

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If you are interested in cooking this chicken fried rice then you need  egg , tablespoon water, tablespoon vegetable oil, onion, chopped, tablespoons soy sauce, cups cooked white rice, cold, teaspoon ground black pepper, cup cooked, chopped chicken meat all these masla is needed for this Chinese chicken fried recipe . Its absolutely slow cooker recipes prepared in 20 minutes, it takes 10 - 15 minutes to cook and then  it will be ready completely in 30 - 40  minutes. NB: There is no need to use that you have just cooked rice .
This is an awesome and simple recipe , its easy to cooking but its too much tasty and healthy recipes. So you now you can complete your recipe within a time by following directions.

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