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Awesome Tasty Fried Chicken

Today i am going to share about the world most popular chicken item , yes got me today i am going to write about fried chicken which not only you like most but i also like most this one. Fried chicken is one of only best well known recipes all around the world in chicken dish; Peoples are crazy about this popular fast food dish only for its crispy taste. I am going to share few ideas about making this Fried Chicken. I will try showing you shortly not more described, hope you will enjoy the time you are making this recipe.

chicken-recipes, food-network, healthy recipes, recipes, fried chicken

chicken-recipes, food-network, healthy recipes,  fried chicken

chicken-recipes, food-network, healthy recipes,  fried chicken

Ingredients :  

1 full chicken cut into 10 pieces or 8 pieces 

1 teaspoon poultry Musty

1 teaspoon salt just count how much you need

1 quart buttermilk

3 cups pure and fresh flour

1 package dry Italian-style salad dressing mix and sauce

 Fixed oil for frying that means how much you need.

That’s it; finally it's going to turn into tasty fried chicken.

Method : 

Firstly took a cover system bowl or choose a bag which one you can put on refrigerator, after collecting bowl then mixes the all chicken pieces with buttermilk and salt. Then put the bowl in freeze for 8 hours completely. Then after this time heat oil in a pan or deep fryer to 180 degrees c. Then now mix flour, salt and pepper, Italian salad dressing mix and poultry Musty. Now remove the chicken from buttermilk and now coat properly with flour mixture.  Now set the chicken on a dish or plate for 10-15 minutes for getting little dryer. Then you need to put chicken in hot and high heated oil until it’s not getting golden brown or deep brown color. It will take about 15-20 minutes for completely done. Then it’s time to remove the chicken from hot oil then wait for just 2-4 minutes to reduce over heat on chicken. After this little time its time to enjoy with sauce this tasty and delicious fried chicken.


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